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Secret Lovers

July 23, 2008

He says the words she hates to hear
He says the words, I love you dear

She believes half of what he says
So he stops speaking with his words
And starts to speak with his heart

Never knowing the right thing to say
She wants things to turn out her way
To stop the games he plays

She wants more than he can give
All he wants to do is live

She wants more than a pat on the head
just to be assured she is not dead

They dont need to sleep this night
They only need each other to hold tight

No one will know if they stay in bed
No one will know the words they have said

He wants to do more than pat her head
She wants to be the one he runs to
Not the one he runs through

His rock, his confidant
Her kiss, his only want
His touch is what she needs
Her eyes are what he reads

Lost in a sea of ecstacy
they dance under the covers
no longer secret lovers

She says the words he hates to hear
She says the words, I love you dear