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A Knights Pledge

July 23, 2008

Under the same sky,
In the here and now.
A hero in your eyes.

This is my pledge,

With all of me,
All I can be,
I will be your knight.

Champion of your dreams,
Preserver of your love.
A shield against all lies.

Hold your arms wide.
I will catch you if you fall.

Hold your heart high.
I will lift you above it all.

Your secrets I will guard.
Your honour I will defend.
I swear I will be there until the very end.

If I am the the sword.
You are the scabbard.

Your wounds I will heal,
Your hurt I will feel.

I say to you,
Together we are one.
And can never be undone.

You are my will,
You are my dream,
You are my heart,
You are my everything.

I ask of you,
Protector of my heart.
Guardian of my soul.

Accept my hand,
And hold my pledge.