A Heroes Worth

Posted July 23, 2008 by rharbridge
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A glance on the dance floor.
You look across at me.
We laugh and spin and roar.
In a warm drunken state.
Dizzied by your kindness.
Whirling I cant see straight.

A smile you cant ignore.
A thought too good to be.
As my heart starts to soar,
I think this must be fate.
This feeling is the best,
My god your just so great.

A hope for something more,
So I will shout in glee.
I will let my tears pour.
Smile, because I will wait.
I’ll never love you less,
I hope im not too late.



Posted July 23, 2008 by rharbridge
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The air is alive with tension
and there is a feeling like

The world is waiting for you and I

If you were a work of art
Your title would be my heart

Show me all your flaws
So that I can tell you
That they don’t matter at all

And if you were to kiss me
Well then I would kiss you back

And everything would start to heave
And all my skies would become seas
You would turn my world upside down

And then I would fall for you
Like a leaf that changes colour
You would change me like no other

And If I could tell you one thing
It would be something I could never sing
Something I could never say
And something I could never write

It would be something you see each time you
look into my eyes
Each time we laugh
and each time I hold you while you cry

Now im lying on the floor
Just waiting to grow old
Just waiting to grow bold

Under Cerulean Skies

Posted July 23, 2008 by rharbridge
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Under cerulean skies
Our laughter echoes
For there we live our lives.
There is joy in our footsteps
As we walk our own path.
Love is our weapon
to push the darkness back.
Nothing can touch us.
We let our spirits rise.
We live in Eternal Happiness,
under cerulean skies.


Posted July 23, 2008 by rharbridge
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You smile as our eyes meet
Speechless, I can’t even speak
But then you glance away
My heart whispers, please stay

I smile as our eyes meet
And so I leave my seat
I don’t know what to say
You brighten up my day

We both smile as we greet
We’re united, complete
Let our love pave the way
My heart whispers, please stay

My Universe

Posted July 23, 2008 by rharbridge
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Your eyes are like twin stars.
You make the future bright.
Your hair shines like the moon.
You make me feel so light.
Your smile is my sunrise.
You shatter the dark night
You are my universe.

His Silent Wall

Posted July 23, 2008 by rharbridge
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He stood alone on the wall.
The breeze whispers in the wind,
Hundreds of crying voices
Challenging the very heavens.
Trapped and forced to exist.
When all they want is to rest.

He sees a land where none rest.
A scarred and crumbling wall
Guards where life can not exist.
Death’s scent is upon the wind.
In contrast to the heavens;
There are no joy filled voices.

He remembers the voices,
Remembers the joy of rest,
And sees old, blue heavens.
Once, flowers grew near the wall.
Their scent lingering on the wind.
Life was able to exist.

He did not have to exist.
Love was heard in their voices.
Dreams would float upon the wind.
Dreams of a sweet silent rest.
He would lean upon the wall,
And gaze at the high heavens.

He hears the rumbling heavens,
Where the present can exist.
There upon the ancient wall
Pity is felt for the voices,
For like him they can not rest.
Hope flies away on the wind.

He falls. Strength gone with the wind.
He cries to the grey heavens.
He only wants silent rest.
He will no longer exist.
Joy is heard in the voices.
Then silence around the wall.

On his wall he can not rest,
The wind will always exist.
Listen to heavens voices.

My Sunrise

Posted July 23, 2008 by rharbridge
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I wake up to your smile
And so I turn to you
Thinking this all the while
‘You are so beautiful’

You say I am caring
As I touch your soft hair
Again I was staring
I laugh and hide my eyes

A moment passes by
Where words aren’t needed
I am so very shy
So I hide and I hide

And then you touch my face
Slowly I look at you
My heart begins to race
As you move close to me

Then I fall into you
Both our lips, they collide
And I think ‘This is true’
Hope and love in a kiss

Our lips part and tremble
As we lose ourselves here
I try to speak and stumble
Words can never say it

You lay in my embrace
As our eyes start to close
All I see is your face
‘You are so beautiful’