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A Knights Pledge

July 23, 2008

Under the same sky,
In the here and now.
A hero in your eyes.

This is my pledge,

With all of me,
All I can be,
I will be your knight.

Champion of your dreams,
Preserver of your love.
A shield against all lies.

Hold your arms wide.
I will catch you if you fall.

Hold your heart high.
I will lift you above it all.

Your secrets I will guard.
Your honour I will defend.
I swear I will be there until the very end.

If I am the the sword.
You are the scabbard.

Your wounds I will heal,
Your hurt I will feel.

I say to you,
Together we are one.
And can never be undone.

You are my will,
You are my dream,
You are my heart,
You are my everything.

I ask of you,
Protector of my heart.
Guardian of my soul.

Accept my hand,
And hold my pledge.


Secret Lovers

July 23, 2008

He says the words she hates to hear
He says the words, I love you dear

She believes half of what he says
So he stops speaking with his words
And starts to speak with his heart

Never knowing the right thing to say
She wants things to turn out her way
To stop the games he plays

She wants more than he can give
All he wants to do is live

She wants more than a pat on the head
just to be assured she is not dead

They dont need to sleep this night
They only need each other to hold tight

No one will know if they stay in bed
No one will know the words they have said

He wants to do more than pat her head
She wants to be the one he runs to
Not the one he runs through

His rock, his confidant
Her kiss, his only want
His touch is what she needs
Her eyes are what he reads

Lost in a sea of ecstacy
they dance under the covers
no longer secret lovers

She says the words he hates to hear
She says the words, I love you dear


July 23, 2008

I wish I could just touch the sky.
I wish for you to never cry.
I wish I could understand why.
I wish no one would ever die.
I wish there was no need to sigh.
I wish that I had said goodbye.


July 23, 2008

I want to slow the world down,
just so I can catch up to you.

I would chase some things forever.

This moment could be our very last
and I don’t want it to ever pass.

Your eyes light up.
God I miss those times we used to talk
just to hear one another’s voice.

Maybe we all fall in love too fast.
I could take a look into my past.

I was always chasing.
I was always out of breath.
I was always breathless.

You had my attention.

The best was always when
we didn’t have anything to say.
We would just smile and then
we laughed until it didn’t hurt.

You used to say you would never be cool.
I used to say I was a love struck fool.

We used to lay under the stars together.
We used to tell them,
to lie here under you,
is all we could want to do.

I used to blush when I gave you that look.
You would tell me that my face was an open book.

You had my attention like the flowers have the sun.
I would drink from your light until I grew beautiful.

I could have been, I could be, I could become.
Anything, but never your sun.



Everything has become so gray.
A little bit farther away.
A little bit harder each day.

Clear it up.
Need to clear it up.

Got to get ready now.
Need to dress up in my finest masks and torn capes.
Don’t forget to hide the scars.

This moment could be our very last
and I don’t want it to ever pass.

I want to stand in warm rain with my arms spread
and my mouth open while I wait for the right time.

A Heroes Worth

July 23, 2008

A glance on the dance floor.
You look across at me.
We laugh and spin and roar.
In a warm drunken state.
Dizzied by your kindness.
Whirling I cant see straight.

A smile you cant ignore.
A thought too good to be.
As my heart starts to soar,
I think this must be fate.
This feeling is the best,
My god your just so great.

A hope for something more,
So I will shout in glee.
I will let my tears pour.
Smile, because I will wait.
I’ll never love you less,
I hope im not too late.


July 23, 2008

The air is alive with tension
and there is a feeling like

The world is waiting for you and I

If you were a work of art
Your title would be my heart

Show me all your flaws
So that I can tell you
That they don’t matter at all

And if you were to kiss me
Well then I would kiss you back

And everything would start to heave
And all my skies would become seas
You would turn my world upside down

And then I would fall for you
Like a leaf that changes colour
You would change me like no other

And If I could tell you one thing
It would be something I could never sing
Something I could never say
And something I could never write

It would be something you see each time you
look into my eyes
Each time we laugh
and each time I hold you while you cry

Now im lying on the floor
Just waiting to grow old
Just waiting to grow bold

Under Cerulean Skies

July 23, 2008

Under cerulean skies
Our laughter echoes
For there we live our lives.
There is joy in our footsteps
As we walk our own path.
Love is our weapon
to push the darkness back.
Nothing can touch us.
We let our spirits rise.
We live in Eternal Happiness,
under cerulean skies.