I want to slow the world down,
just so I can catch up to you.

I would chase some things forever.

This moment could be our very last
and I don’t want it to ever pass.

Your eyes light up.
God I miss those times we used to talk
just to hear one another’s voice.

Maybe we all fall in love too fast.
I could take a look into my past.

I was always chasing.
I was always out of breath.
I was always breathless.

You had my attention.

The best was always when
we didn’t have anything to say.
We would just smile and then
we laughed until it didn’t hurt.

You used to say you would never be cool.
I used to say I was a love struck fool.

We used to lay under the stars together.
We used to tell them,
to lie here under you,
is all we could want to do.

I used to blush when I gave you that look.
You would tell me that my face was an open book.

You had my attention like the flowers have the sun.
I would drink from your light until I grew beautiful.

I could have been, I could be, I could become.
Anything, but never your sun.



Everything has become so gray.
A little bit farther away.
A little bit harder each day.

Clear it up.
Need to clear it up.

Got to get ready now.
Need to dress up in my finest masks and torn capes.
Don’t forget to hide the scars.

This moment could be our very last
and I don’t want it to ever pass.

I want to stand in warm rain with my arms spread
and my mouth open while I wait for the right time.

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