A Sad Story

This is the story about a hero who lives under an overpass and his princess.

Most people don’t quite see it.
They close their eyes and hold their breath.
Waiting for an ending that never comes.

It’s the start. Not the best of starts, but its the best I’ve got.
Start. Pause. Rewind.

This is the story of a.. It’s a story anyways.

The leaves crunched ever so softly. The sound of his own footsteps gave Garret renewed confidence. I am still here. He thought to himself. My footsteps are proof. It was dark and the world was silent except for the steady crunch under his feet. With a laugh Garret spun around twice and fell to the grass. Leaves exploded around his body and floated away.

Minutes passed as Garret laid and smiled. Tonight was it. He knew it. Every single star in the sky winked at him and he laughed. None of them were as bright or as beautiful as her. Sighing happily he sat up and pulled the leaves from his hair. It was almost time.

Jumping to his feet he began running toward the park. The glint of the moon shone off of the metal slides. A light skip was in each of his steps. She would come tonight. He was sure. He picked out their favorite swings and sat down thinking of the last time they sat and talked until the sun came up. Her smiles and laughs and the way her eyes held his.

He would tell her tonight. He would hold her hands and lean forward. She would close her eyes and for a moment the world would stop. All that would move would be their hearts and the promise on their lips. And after an eternity they would part. Their eyes would open and she would smile and rest her forehead against his.

A car approached down the street. Garrets held his breath. The car drove past and its headlights shone off of their tree. On its bark a single heart and two letters sat. Laughing Garret got up and walked over to it. D+A. He traced the letters with his finger and decided they should write their initials on a tree so neither of them would ever forget this night.

He never forgot any of their nights. The last was 4 months ago, just before he went away with his father. She had hugged him just a few steps from here and told him she loved him. He told her he wish he didn’t have to go. He had meant it. This is where he belonged. Right here, in this park, under this moon, and in her arms.

She had cried a little and he had held her until the morning. Then kissed her on the forehead and pulled away. Their fingers held until the last moment. He had to turn after a few steps, and watched as she ran towards the road, he promised her. He yelled it to her, I will come back! Meet you here in four months! He had even sent her a letter. Telling her how happy his dad was with his new job, and how none of the parks here were as wonderful as theirs.

Oh how she would smile, he promised himself tonight he would dance with her, alone, to the beating of their hearts.

He heard it then. His whole body went rigid. Crunch crunch went the leaves. Slowly he turned towards their sound. Everything was a blur, he felt like he was in a dream. Oh how he dreamed of this moment.

There she was.

Her hair blew in front of her face and her hands sat in her pockets. For a moment Garret couldn’t move. He couldn’t decide whether to shout in joy, laugh, smile or fall down. His feet moved towards her, every step closer made her that much more real. He stood in front of her now. She just stared at him. He stared at her. Her eyes were red. As though she had been crying. Without a word Garret wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She hugged him back so tightly he felt as though no one had hugged him before.

She cried then. He didn’t know what to say, so he just kept saying it’s okay. It’s okay.

She finally stopped and pulled away and looked at his face. Her fingers traced his jaw. He smiled and told her how beautiful she looked. She laughed and called him a liar and punched him lightly on the chest while she looked at the ground. After several moments he leaned down to smile at her and cheer her up. She looked away when he saw her face. The words came without thought. What’s wrong?

She told him then. All the secrets and things she held inside all those times. Four months was too long. He left her, and she needed him. The things her dad said, the way her mom would scream. The way she would huddle and cry. His heart hurt, and he wanted to make all of it go away. To make things better. He was sorry he had left. But then the words came out.

I am pregnant.

She had met someone, he helped her and told her she didn’t need to stay there. He was older. He lived on his own and she stayed there and.. things happened.

I am pregnant. She said.

The world stopped.

She cried some more. It turned out that the story wasn’t over. She told him of how he had called her names and told her the child wasn’t his. How she couldn’t go home. Couldn’t go anywhere. He barely heard it.

I am pregnant.

Flashes of her telling him she loved him fluttered through his mind. I am pregnant. Crunch. She yelled at him to say something. All of his words stuck in his throat. His throat hurt. Everything hurt.

Eventually she left. As soon as she was out of his sight it was as though time continued on again. His legs gave out and he knelt in the leaves. The sun came up later, his eyes were red and his insides heaved.

The story doesn’t quite end there. There is more to it of course. About how he saw her again, and helped her. How he refused to go home, and dropped out of school to help support her. There are some good parts in it.

The end though is that he now lives under an overpass. His princess lives with another man who went to school and she claimed is ten times better than him. His daughter barely rememberes him. Some say the stories different. That his princess took her life and her childs. That he cried and turned to the drink.

In the end a couple things remain true in every telling.

Somewhere in some park two initials sat on a tree.

And somewhere two people who love one another go different ways. For better, or for worse.

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