And You Smile

You’re not too far.
They have planes, buses and cars.
And I like when you smile.

I would swim, and climb all day.
I’d walk to you if I had no other way.
And I like when you laugh.

Flying over the water.
Waiting to hold your face.
Oh god how my heart does race.

And there you are,
Saying all the things I needed.

Here I am.

I like the way our eyes light up.
And I like the way they look at me.
It’s with you that I want to be.

We kiss under the stars.
And dance under the moonlight.
Until the the morning light.

Suddenly it is time for me to go.
And as I climb the stairs to my flight.
Something doesn’t seem quite right.

And I turn back to look at you.
You were so loud.
Standing there watching me.

And you try not to cry.
And as you wave goodbye.
I can see a message in your eyes.

Whispering softly they say,
Come back.
Come back and stay.

All the pretty things in my mind.
Every new wonderful thing I find.
All of them remind me of you.

How could I ever believe,
That after kissing you,
I could ever leave?

Come back,
Come back and stay.

And as the doors hiss shut.
As the engines scream and roar.
I push my way back through the door.

I want to wake up to find.
I haven’t left it all behind.
So I rush back down those steps.

I don’t need to escape,
I just need to hold you close.
I just need you the most.

Come back,
Come back and stay.

And as you stare through the glass.
And our reflections touch.
It’s your shoulder I brush.

And as you turn towards me,
And before I have a chance to speak.
You kiss me in between my cheeks.

Nothing anyone could say,
Would ever turn me away.

And only three words slip between your kisses
Here I am.

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