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And You Smile

June 23, 2008

You’re not too far.
They have planes, buses and cars.
And I like when you smile.

I would swim, and climb all day.
I’d walk to you if I had no other way.
And I like when you laugh.

Flying over the water.
Waiting to hold your face.
Oh god how my heart does race.

And there you are,
Saying all the things I needed.

Here I am.

I like the way our eyes light up.
And I like the way they look at me.
It’s with you that I want to be.

We kiss under the stars.
And dance under the moonlight.
Until the the morning light.

Suddenly it is time for me to go.
And as I climb the stairs to my flight.
Something doesn’t seem quite right.

And I turn back to look at you.
You were so loud.
Standing there watching me.

And you try not to cry.
And as you wave goodbye.
I can see a message in your eyes.

Whispering softly they say,
Come back.
Come back and stay.

All the pretty things in my mind.
Every new wonderful thing I find.
All of them remind me of you.

How could I ever believe,
That after kissing you,
I could ever leave?

Come back,
Come back and stay.

And as the doors hiss shut.
As the engines scream and roar.
I push my way back through the door.

I want to wake up to find.
I haven’t left it all behind.
So I rush back down those steps.

I don’t need to escape,
I just need to hold you close.
I just need you the most.

Come back,
Come back and stay.

And as you stare through the glass.
And our reflections touch.
It’s your shoulder I brush.

And as you turn towards me,
And before I have a chance to speak.
You kiss me in between my cheeks.

Nothing anyone could say,
Would ever turn me away.

And only three words slip between your kisses
Here I am.



June 15, 2008

There is a flow to life.

I can’t wait till that flow brings me back to the sun. It’s cold and dark here.

Sparkling waves in the sunlight carry a feather that spins around in delight.

The world is silent.

Never before have I wanted to be loud.

If I held my breath
Would you stay?

What are we searching for?
In a sea of moments.

Each time a moment comes to pass.

Is it a simple touch or a sense of love?
Hear the sound of someones love.
Smell the scent of someones love.

Would your lips taste the way love does?

Would we fly to some place warm like doves?

Sleep Well

June 12, 2008

I still believe.

I want to sit by the sea.
There should be more firelit dancing in life.

I haven’t seen the moon in awhile. Hope he’s doing well.

Still as luminescent as always old friend?
“Of course of course.” He would respond. And give as always a radiant smile.
Have you been enjoying the pleasant weather lately?

He’s a nice sort, the moon. He always bathes couples with a beautiful light.
But sits almost alone in the sky.
I asked him about it once. If moons get lonely. Is he a lonely type of moon?

He isn’t the lonely type of moon at all though.
“Lonely? Surrounded by all these beautiful stars? Chasing my sun every night and waiting for her every day?”

None of the stars are yours though.

It’s so dark up there.

Always chasing the sun, always waiting.

“The sun gives me her light, she warms me, and makes my smile radiant. Without her, I would be cold and lifeless.”

It’s a sleepless sort of night.
I want to just stay up all night and write about foolish things like the grass and the leaves. And the conversations we would have.

I am looking for something. But dont know where to look.