It’s Like Dying, It’s Like Being Born Again

It’s like the way a tear drop can turn into a torrential downpour.

Explosions dance across the sky. Illuminating moments of clarity. Where you can see all of the world.

While inside the fire burns its light illuminating the shadows. They move and flutter as the flame dances to a tune only the wind knows.

Like watching rain falling against a window, it finds its way around. Shifting and changing in whatever way seems right for it, in the ways that allow the water to flow.


The urge to simply run outside in the pouring rain is so strong. To hear the clashing rumbling of thunder and the pattering of the rain against the world as it soaks you to your very soul.

Letting it fill you with life and energy.
Your face lifts up and it streams down your cheeks, along your closed eyelids, tracing your dreams, and past your trembling lips into your waiting open mouth.
Removing your thirsts, satisfying you.

Pure. Clean. Crisp.

I want to climb something, something that looks impossibly high. Impossibly difficult. Quickly I would grab each ledge and pull myself up. Finding grooves and cracks and testing each part as I work my way up. The stone cutting into my hands, the harsh breezes pulling at my body, and my weight pulling me down.

It would be my own strength, my own will that allows me to continue up.

Above the very clouds. Beyond exhaustion. My arms unable to move anymore. I could cling there and say, ‘so this is how high I could go’.

Looking down as my arms begin shaking, I would be able to see the world from a new persepective. I would be able to see the rock beneath my very fingers. Feel each groove, each spot where the elements have given it shape.

I would thank it for helping me get this high.

And then I would let go.

There would be no fear. I had made it as high as I could. There would be no regret.

Don’t mistake it, its a beautiful thing. I would fall, and because I had tried so hard, and didn’t give up I would be able to fall for longer and farther than had I just given up early on.

I would be able to see the world come into more clarity as I fell. Feel the wind trace each part of my body. Giving me shape.

And I would be able to rest after such a long climb. After so much work and struggle.

Asleep in someones waiting arms as they catch me?

Or awake and screaming?

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