Hibernating Hearts

School has been a kind of difficult lately, and a type of busy. Yes, thats right I just made a joke about design terminology, and almost no one will probably get it.

Lately ive seen people doing alot of thinking. Pondoring this, wondering about that. I wonder sometimes how much time we invest in thinking about things. Its ironic if you think about it, because im thinking about thinking, and spending time thinking about the time we spend thinking.

The snow has been beautiful lately.
The other night I ran around catching snow flakes on my tongue.
The world is covered in a white blanket and everything is quiet.
I like it.
The big snow flakes that sparkle and float down to your heart.
It’s a romantic kind of snow.

Our hearts stay warm because they are filled with hope.

I kind of miss those rays of sunlight, and the warm feeling of it on your cheek. I want to look out my window and see greens and blues.
Morning just doesn’t feel the same without birds chirping a song of growth and newer things.

Soon though, It will all start to thaw and the world will come back to life.

Until then we can keep our rosy cheeks,
Dance in our romantic snow,
Drink from our hot chocolate,
and Lay our angels in the snow.

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