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Dimly Devoted

January 21, 2007


The world is all covered in a thin layer of frost. The air is hard and holds a brittle chill. Im missing a part of me. Maybe its tucked away under some warm blankets and a gentle kiss.

Take your dreams out from underneath the rug.

First theres a little line that crosses all the borders.

Sparkling warmth from a sea of hope.

Graced with falling flavours of love as they land on your waiting tongue.

Explosions in the skies, filtering broken lights down to my half formed thoughts. Dimly they light the words that matter.

Stand up and scream out loud until you feel unique.


The Giving Tree

January 10, 2007

There are times when life seems magical and wonderfully beautiful.

When your dancing to music and you lose yourself, and the whole of the world is reduced to movement and a beat.
When the sunlight warms you in its comforting embrace and the world seems so much brighter.
When you are caught in a warm rain. One that makes you laugh and smile. One which makes you jump into puddles and try and catch the rain in your mouth.
When you spin around and around with someone in your arms.
When you see the snow fall for the first time and you think of how beautiful it all looks. When a snowflake falls against your palm and you see how unique and pretty it is.
When you lay your head against someones chest just to hear their heartbeat.
When you swing so high on a swingset that the whole world lays before your feet.
When a child runs and hugs your leg.
When you go down a steep hill on a bike or in a car and your stomach flutters.
When someone tells you they love you.
When a song starts playing and you just start singing it because you feel you have to, and the whole world needs to hear it.
When you see someone smile and your heart flutters.
When something is so beautiful or interesting that you simply have to tell everyone about it, how funny it is, or how neat it is.
When you come running downstairs at christmas in warm socks and a big sweater and see christmas presents around the tree.

Sometimes it’s unexpected.
Sometimes you want it to never end.
Sometimes you cant explain it.

But it’s always beautiful.