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Find It.

November 29, 2006

Embracing lights and sound.

Someone said that they weren’t sure love exhisted.

The tears of the clouds fall.

If it didn’t why would everyone strive for it so?

Let the rain fall down on me.

They answered that it’s the same reason so many people strive for money, believing it will give them happiness.

Your smile is what I want to see.

All anyone is looking for is happiness. So long as you always look for that and try for that, love I think just somehow works its way in. Thats what I would hope anyways, that way you can never have love without happiness. Besides what would love be worth without the crazy joy that comes with it?

Won’t you dance with me tonight?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep smiling. Sometimes smiling is a hard thing to do.

Dance with me in the moonlight?

The hardest part though is finding a reason to smile, and keep smiling.

Dance until it all seems right.


I said: Fall Hard

November 16, 2006

When I came home today and walked to my door I saw a cat. The cat had cornered a field mouse. I scared off the cat all the way to the other side of the street. Grabbed a handful of chips and broke them up for the mouse and sat for awhile watching to make sure the cat didn’t come back. He trembled. Yet he never moved just stared at me for a long time. So we stared at one another. I wonder what he saw? I wish I could have kept the little mouse safe forever. He or She deserves freedom, and I hope that the mouse is sleeping in a warm bed of leaves tonight. Dreaming of nice things. If mice dream.

Dont hold back.
If your heart is ever exploding, dont hold it in.
If you do it could hurt you, so just let it go.
See what fires it can ignite.
Fires that might never burn away.
Fires that keep you safe, warm and happy.
Fueled by hearts.

Winter is coming.

The air is colder and the nights are longer.
We have hot chocolate and warm blankets though.

I want to make snow angels.