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Did you know?

October 15, 2005

We can always dream of a dream.

If only the world was a fairy tale. One with a happy ending. I wonder how many heroes there would be in the world? Heroes fight against evil, monsters, and cruelty. Even so, alot of heroes go through alot of pain, loss, and sadness to get to their happy endings. I find it ironic, that a hero fights to stop pain, loss, and sadness from hurting other people, and because of it face more pain, loss, and sadness of their own. Pride or the knowledge you did something good doesn’t always beat the consequences of doing it.

Our world may not have monsters but it has lots of cruelty, loneliness, loss, and pain. We all face them in different forms. I wonder how many heroes there are in our world? For every person who helps another, or faces those monsters of our own world, we have one more hero.

We could always wish not to have to face them, or wish for someone to save us. Dream of a hero who would defeat all the pain, all the loneliness, all the cruelties of our world. But, since we all fight those things, at one point or another… aren’t we all heroes? If we are all heroes then all we really want, and need, is a person to be with us against all those monsters. Let them fight yours, and you fight theirs. Heroes together.

Maybe in a way, our world really is a fairy tale. One with a happy ending. If not…

We can always dream of a dream.


A bit of energy.

October 9, 2005

Alright im gonna go over a couple little things one of those random blog attacks. Here we go.

Surrounded by loud music.

So here it is.

At work a little while ago a customer was going through my check out and had purchased some glasses. “How come all the really nice stuff is always breakable?”
I thought in my head as I wrapped and packaged the glasses; what a neat thought that was.

I thought about all those things that are fragile, that we have to be careful with, but can be so precious to us, maybe even because of how fragile it is.

All the really nice stuff we have to handle with care.

Or maybe we should just handle everything with care. 🙂

My neice is beautiful and bright. I love her.
I think one of my favorite things to do now is put her on my shoulders. She grabs my head and yells faster or yay or some childish squel of delight.
So cute. So adorable.
More people should yell in delight and smile as only children seem to do. We should have like a national, act like a kid day. Weeeeee

I went to the kingdom on friday night. Piko, piko, piko. E! Crazy Lobabble.

I remembered something odd from my childhood a short time ago. When I used to go on adventures. Fill up my backpack with toys and an apple, and go off into the ravine and fields behind my old house. I would walk unerringly towards the forest on the far side of all the fields and hills. The reason of course was that I was chasing after the princess who had been kidnapped, and either I had been beaten and she was taken, or I was asked to save her. I would race along after her, fighting off the odd imaginary foe. I would grab a good shaped stick and use it as my sword or spear. Eventually I would get to the forest itself. It always looked so dark. I would stop on the edge of its shadow and look in. Behind me in the distance would be my home, but I wouldn’t allow myself to turn around, because ahead of me was the person in danger. The person that needed me. The princess. Then taking a deep breath I would plunge in under the trees after her.

I remembered how different the forest looked once I had entered it. It wasn’t some dark foreboding place anymore, once you were in it, you didn’t notice the shadows, you instead noticed the pools of light where the sun would shine through.

Then I would have to sneak around imaginary enemies or fight armies to get to her. In the end of course I would get tired or bored, or would have gone so far into the forest that I would worry about getting lost. I would imagine some final battle or confrontation, save the princess and share my apple and food with her. Then we would go back home.

Together. The princess and I.

– The things you focus on in the shadow forest are the pools of light.
– The important things to fight for are princesses and people that need you.
– It’s important that you don’t go too far into the shadow forest or you might get lost. Especially if your alone or it gets dark.
– It’s important that you have challanges and difficulties to go through to save her, and that you don’t run away, or turn from those challanges.
– You always have to win, eventually. In some way.
– There always has to be a happy ending, where you and the princess are together.
– Don’t forget to eat your apple.
– Wear your cuts, bruises, scratches and injuries from your adventures proudly.

Those are the rules of my childhood adventureing.

Something to think about.