If Anything, You Made it Better


A friend of mine recently has had some trouble. He made a choice and decided to end something with a girl that he had going while he began to have feelings for another girl. Being honest and such a good person though, he felt badly about keeping that from her, and wanted no secrets between them. So he told her what had happened.
That he had dated another girl while he was with her. While he had feelings for her and while he dealt with his own feelings for the both of them. He did nothing wrong, and kept himself from doing anything that wasn’t honest or honourable.

Yet, when he told people of what he did… How many people do you think said it was a mistake? A surprising many. ‘I wouldn’t have done that!’, ‘Shes going to be angry!’, ‘Shes going to hate you for that.’, ‘She will never be able to get over it.’

They are wrong.

He was honest. He did what was right. He did what he had to do. If he hadn’t it would have caused him more pain, confusion and would have meant no matter what he would have hidden something from the girl he likes. I am proud of him. Proud that he chose what was right, even when it would have been far easier to do otherwise.

I told him a story.

Once in a powerful and ancient kingdom that spanned the whole world a great king fell ill and died. As he died he told his beloved queen to choose a new king to be wed to and to rule, as they had no sons. So great men from all over the world came to present themselves and gifts to the queen. Many brought great mythical or magical beasts, For the king so loved his collection of creatures. He had dragons, manticores, griffons, and all sorts of rare animals. Lords, lesser kings, great heroes, warriors, princes, wizards and many more all came. Yet she turned away all of them. A young swordsman came to her hall. She allowed him entrance. She sat upon her throne with a yellow cat in her lap. “Do you know what this is? My late husband caught it himself. A prize from a struggle with a Sunsaber cat. Did you know they are said to be the most dangerous animals in all the world? What do you think of it?” She said as she raised the cat up to him. “I think its a yellow cat. Like any other in the castle or around the city.” He said simply.

She married him, and made him King.
She could have had any lord, any king, any person she wanted. She could have had the most handsome man in the world, or the smartest, or the bravest, or the strongest. She could have had any person.

Do you know why she chose that one swordsman?
Because he was honest.

All the other men, every one of them either agreed that it was a stunning creature. They agreed with her in the hopes of gaining favor, or they believed her and let their mind make it more than it was. Only this one man saw it for what it was and spoke the truth.

She prized honesty over anything else.

There are no such things as half truths, its either true or not. If everyone was honest there would be no such thing as theft, there would be no crimes such as rape, or murder.

No matter what, he did what was right, and he was honest. If anyone can hate, or be angry, or not be able to get over the fact that he was honest; then they aren’t being honest with themselves.

Honest. I am proud.

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