2 piece set.

“You make the simplest of things so beautiful.”

Or so people tell me. The truth is, most of the time the simplest things are the most beautiful. For example today one of the stickers at work that I swept up said ‘2 piece set’. Now my immediate thought was that if I had a girlfriend I could put one sticker on her, and one on me. Just an example of a simple thing, that becomes beautiful. Sunrises are also simple. Yet wonderfully beautiful. Waterfalls, laughter, a childrens toy, words, a thought, dreams, and a hundred other things. Most of the time its because of how much something can mean to a person. What it can make them think about. What it can make them feel.

In truth really, its not the simple things so much as our feeling, interpretation, imagination, and understanding which are the truely beautiful things.

“Your the best” – Said the little boy who always comes into my work. He comes in with his family and aunts and stuff. For reasons I cant remember everytime he sees me he rushes across the store and hugs me and says Look! its my friend! Hello friend Richard! and then tells me about a toy, or school, or some event that has happened to him recently. Today when he was leaving he pointed at me and ran over and said “Your the best!” Then ran back to his aunt and left.

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