Soul and Heart

I love the sky.

The endless blue and clouds, or the stars and moon. The way the sun changes the colours of the clouds. It is so beautiful. I love the rain. When it comes teeming down and drenches you and you throw your arms wide and run along just for the sake of running. Feeling water caress your face or hug your soul. I love the waves, and watching the lakes sparkle. Watching rivers flow and make soft comforting noises. I love the trees. The way they weave and flow, the way they shake and change colours. I love the feeling of touching their bark and knowing a tree is alive, and feeling a sense of comfort. Life. I love the way the breeze can carry smells, how it can touch you. I love the feeling of the sun on my face. The feeling of warmth. The feeling of it shining on me. Lighting me, so that the whole world can see me. I love seeing the moon bright and full. Giving the world a different colour. Giving things more meanings. I love learning. I love watching people learn. Learning to walk. Learning to talk. Learning to understand something. Learning to be. I love smiles. I love seeing a lifetimes worth of happyness in every single smile. I love that when someone smiles I feel better. I love that just thinking of smiles makes my heart soar and my cheeks sore. Because I am smiling too. I love that we can have dreams. I love that we can have goals. I love that we can always achieve them. I love that we can spend forever to achieve them if we have to. I love that the happiest moments exist. I love that the most painful moments exist. I love that I am alive. I love that you are alive. I love that there is life all over, everywhere, breathing, laughing, touching, crying, holding, flying, changing, learning, being. I love the sky because it is endless. I love it because it truely does contain forever.

I love the sky.

Someday, I would like to see the ocean too. To see it continue endlessly and the sky above it. To see forever. To remember it forever. Endlessly Forever.

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