A simple word that can mean so many different things. Everyone wants to find home. When your little its that word for a place where you sleep and eat with your family. Where you used to get tucked in when you went to sleep, or the neighborhood where you learned to ride your bike.

Eventually you move from house to house, and you begin to lose a sense of a specific place as being ‘home’. It becomes a place where your family is, or where you feel some comfort.

Of course this too will eventually change as you move out and get older. It is no longer where your family is, it becomes something else. I think alot of people spend a long time searching for that. Their home.

I think eventually everyone finds it impossible to be at home, at any specific place. I think that everyone eventually finds that their home. That place where they can feel comfortable, safe, loved and warm is in their hearts. Your home is a place where you have everything you need. Where you can find all the things you need. All the things you love. What better place to find home then within your own heart, or in the heart of someone you care deeply for? You are home when your child comes running into your arms and you hug them close. You are home when the girl you love kisses you softly. You are home when a friend laughs. Home when a stranger smiles in a kind way. In this way we can decide what is in our homes. We can make them filled with only the kind and wonderful things we want them to have.

Heart and home. Home and heart.

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