Someone called me a romantic.

I think everyone is.

If you love someone or are with someone, then naturally you wan’t to make them happy, and you do things that some might consider romantic, crazy, affectionate, or kind and awesome. Everyone likes surprises, and seeing that person you care for happy and surprised is a wonderful thing. Knowing that you can tell them how you care in so many different ways is wonderful and fun as well.

But what if it becomes just one person doing all the work? What a silly thing to say, You can’t NOT do romantic things when your in love. It’s accidental half of the time. You just need to tell them how you feel, because you do. If you tell them they have the prettiest eyes you have ever seen thats because its true. If you look at them and find your breath is hard to catch, then why not simply say so? Sometimes you need to hold them and tell them how wonderful they are. Or hold them up and spin about so that everything else spins, and you remain still. So that the world spins around you. Or sit on a rock and watch the stars while talking about your dreams.

Everything from falling asleep on a couch in the person you love’s arms, to getting a romantic well thought out surprise is romantic.

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