My Dad VS The Squirrel

My dad is awesome. Once again he has begun a war with a neighbourhood animal. So funny.

Last time it was war with the cat who lived next door. He wanted to get that cat. He kept ‘cat rocks’ especially for throwing at the cat to scare it off. You see the cat was killing many many birds. Because all the birds love our backyard. My mom and dad love watching the birds. So anyways one day the cat dissapears lol after all sorts of crazy attempts by my dad to get rid of the cat. EVERYONE blames him lol it was sooo funny. He denies it all and says he never touched the cat! haha I thought my mom was going to take him to the police. The cat showed up a few days later as all cats do and my father was excused of guilt haha. Sooo fun.

Well now he has gone to war with a squirrel. First off this squirrel he sees as a great malicous beast who just wants to destroy bird homes. Let me explain..

My mother and father crafted a series of bird houses for my moms clients. (she works with disabled adults/children) So my dad also created an ultra bird house for us. It is a lovely home. Designed to suit more than one bird. It has two large spacious rooms. A garage and an upstairs level. The post that it is situated on is in the middle of the garden offering a spectacular view of the lawn and rosebushes. The flowers and plants along the base also give it a very natural feel. The roof has also been reshingled and the pole painted a lovely white only a short time ago. Great starter home… FOR BIRDS.

Well my dad sees that a squirrel has made its home within the bird house. This does not sit well. My father goes out back in his slippers and takes a stick and begins prodding the sleeping squirrel in the bird house. The squirrel makes a weird noise several times but will not come out. My dad of course is talking to the squirrel as though it can understand him.. im not sure if it was for the benefit of those watching :p

Finally he gives up prodding the squirrel and grabs the hose. Firing the hose in through the garage of the bird house he pumps the squirrel out along with some nuts and a squirrel sized bed of leaves. The squirrel goes flying out and turns makes the noise at dad again and runs off. Evicted! My dad shouts! Then proceeds to literally board up the entrances to the bird house. So funny.

The squirrel has not given up. I believe he may chew his way through the boards sooner or later haha. It should be funny to see what happens next. LoL my dad has too much time on his hands 😛

I love it.

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